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Despite Japan’s strict anti-scalping laws, tickets for premium seats to sumo tournaments are being offered at massive markups on resale sites.
Apr 10, 2024
Scarcity of tickets leaves foreign sumo fans out in the cold
Almost as soon as general ticket sales began on Saturday for the upcoming May Grand Sumo Tournament, the entire meet was sold-out.
Tourists crowd Sensoji Temple in Tokyo's Asakusa district in February.
Mar 28, 2024
Japan tourism agency picks model areas aiming to address overtourism
The agency has selected 20 areas to implement model projects aimed at addressing challenges related to the negative impacts of a surge in tourists.
Beijing-based Chinese influencer Chang Feifei has taken on many jobs to promote travel destinations in Japan, including from Universal Studios Japan and the Hankyu and Hanshin department stores.
Mar 28, 2024
Influencers — Japan’s secret weapon to promote niche tourism spots
Followers' trust in — and reliance on — social media for travel info, even when the content is sponsored, is a key factor.
People line up to board a city bus outside JR Kyoto Station in Kyoto on Feb. 29.
Mar 10, 2024
Kyoto may launch tourist express bus service to beat overcrowding
The city government said it is looking to introduce in June "a sightseeing express bus" that can travel to major tourism sites.
Visitors will be banned from entering private alleys in Kyoto's famous geisha district, Gion, after the district council urged the city to tackle the issue, saying their neighborhood "is not a theme park."
JAPAN / Society
Mar 7, 2024
Tourists banned from private alleys in Kyoto's geisha district
Gion's main Hanamikoji Street, which is public, will remain open to tourists.
Osaka Gov. Hirofumi Yoshimura said an expert panel will finalize details of the proposed fee for foreign tourists in April.
JAPAN / Society
Mar 7, 2024
Osaka weighs 'entry fee' for foreign tourists in bid to combat overtourism
The proposed fee is separate from the lodging tax already in place for all tourists.
Mount Fuji's Yoshida trail in Yamanashi Prefecture crowded with hikers on Sept. 2. Shizuoka Prefecture has decided to restrict entrance to trails on the mountain during evenings from this summer, following a similar move by Yamanashi.
JAPAN / Society
Feb 14, 2024
Shizuoka joins Yamanashi Prefecture to restrict night climbing on Mt. Fuji
The measure aims to prevent unsafe attempts to scale Japan's tallest mountain for sunrise in one go without sleeping overnight.
A traveler walks past a flight information display at the Beijing Capital International Airport on Feb. 2 ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday that begins on Saturday in China.
Feb 8, 2024
Chinese visitors to Japan over Lunar New Year to fall short of 2019 level
Visa-free travel offered by some countries and last year's release of treated wastewater from Fukushima may be swaying Chinese travelers' decisions.
Newly elected Kyoto Mayor Koji Matsui receives a sea bream as a congratulatory gift in Kyoto on Sunday.
JAPAN / Politics
Feb 5, 2024
New Kyoto mayor aims to tackle over-tourism with higher fares
Koji Matsui faces many hurdles, and he takes over at a time when the demerits of over-tourism have become a particular topic of concern for residents.
Climbers watch the sunrise at the summit of Mount Fuji in August last year. The Yamanashi prefectural government had said it would restrict the number of climbers on the Yoshida Trail if overcrowding posed a danger, though it has yet to do so.
Feb 1, 2024
Mount Fuji climbers to face ¥2,000 fee from summer as tourism rises
The fee will be collected at a gate to be installed at the 5th station of the Yoshida Trail on the Yamanashi Prefecture side of the mountain.
Tourists board a ferry to Iriomote Island, Okinawa Prefecture, from Ishigaki, another island in the prefecture. The local government of the town of Taketomi, which includes Iriomote Island, is planning to introduce a visitor's tax to fund environmental protection measures in the face of rising tourist numbers.
JAPAN / Society / FOCUS
Jan 30, 2024
Local governments in Japan battle overtourism challenges
Officials are seeking ways to solve problems that emerge from higher tourist numbers, such as a shortage of taxis and the accumulation of garbage.
Sensoji Temple, a popular tourist location, in Tokyo on Jan. 18
JAPAN / Society
Jan 26, 2024
Japan aims to direct Asian tourists to places less traveled
The tourism body is attempting to direct visitors to places outside Tokyo in order to prevent over-tourism, specifically by appealing to “light repeaters.”
Tourists fill Kiyomizuzaka street near Kiyomizu Temple in the city of Kyoto in November.
Jan 10, 2024
Kyoto becoming more proactive in tackling overtourism
Threatening social and cultural conflicts, issues arising from overtourism include public transportation congestion.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy (left) and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida visit the cenotaph for atomic bomb victims in Hiroshima on May 21 during the Group of Seven summit. Zelenskyy’s visit to one of the two cities attacked with a nuclear weapon came amid Russia’s veiled threats to use its nuclear arsenal in its war against Ukraine.
Dec 28, 2023
Images of 2023: Japan
Outside of the successful G7 summit, the year was not kind to PM Fumio Kishida's unpopular administration. A kickback scandal provided one final headache.
Yamanashi Gov. Kotaro Nagasaki speaks at a news conference at the prefectural government office on Wednesday. The prefecture is set to begin charging people to climb Mount Fuji.
Dec 21, 2023
Yamanashi Prefecture to collect fees from Mount Fuji climbers
The prefecture will also control the number of climbers to ease congestion and prevent visitors from climbing through the night.
A banner at the entrance to Shibuya’s Center Street makes it clear this is no place for a party.
PODCAST / deep dive
Oct 26, 2023
The specter of Itaewon has Shibuya spooked
One year on, Elizabeth Beattie joins us to discuss where Itaewon stands after its Halloween disaster, and what its legacy means for celebrations in Japan.
Tourists enjoy the sunset at Bali's Canggu beach in 2021.
ENVIRONMENT / Sustainability
Oct 19, 2023
In Bali, 'sea-sun-sand' tourists threaten ancient rainforest
The island seeks to limit visitors without scaring off too many job-creating visitors with exorbitant taxes.
The majority of tourists in Japan tend to stay in Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto, resulting in overcrowding in popular tourist spots and a strain on transportation systems.
JAPAN / Society
Oct 18, 2023
Japan unveils new overtourism countermeasures
The tourism ministry unveiled its overtourism prevention plan, summarizing the various efforts that have begun to be made in areas around the nation.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Outlook 2020
Jan 2, 2020
Japan's pressing regional affairs to unfold quietly in shadow of Olympics
This year, all attention will turn to the 2020 Olympics, with politicians, business leaders and the media talking about how to ensure its success, what it means for Japan domestically and internationally and how to avert a post-Olympic economic slump.
Japan Times
Dec 12, 2019
Tourism's effect on historic cities and sites in focus as global conference kicks off in Kyoto
Rising concerns worldwide about what an increase in tourism is doing to historic cities, cultural sites and the environment loomed over the start Thursday of a two-day gathering in Kyoto on tourism and culture organized by the United Nations World Tourism Organization and UNESCO.


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