Ex-commander says U.K.'s 'withered' forces could not defend country

World Sep 17, 2016

Ex-commander says U.K.'s 'withered' forces could not defend country

Britain's armed forces would be unable to defend the country against a serious military attack because they have been "withered" by cuts, a former senior commander warned before his retirement, the Financial Times reported on Saturday. In a 10-page memo sent to Defence Secretary Michael ...

Commentary / Japan May 1, 2016

Jobs help sink Japan's sub bid

by Ramesh Thakur

In the end the government was not prepared to pay the biggest political cost of all, which is domestic electoral consequences of any decision that laid waste to still more manufacturing jobs in the state of South Australia.

National Nov 27, 2015

Japan to submit plan to Canberra to jointly develop Aussie subs

The government endorsed at a National Security Council meeting Thursday a proposal to jointly develop submarines for the Australian navy, government sources said. The proposal, which includes an option to build the submarines in Australia, will be submitted to Canberra on Monday, the deadline set ...

Iran naval presence off Yemen established

World Apr 9, 2015

Iran naval presence off Yemen established

Iran sent two warships to the Gulf of Aden on Wednesday, state media reported, establishing a military presence off the coast of Yemen where Saudi Arabia is leading a bombing campaign to oust the Iran-allied Houthi movement. The destroyer Alborz and support ship Bushehrsailed from ...

Asia Pacific Jan 16, 2015

Malaysian contractor pleads guilty in U.S. Navy corruption case

A Malaysian businessman accused of bribing high-ranking United States Navy officers to steer millions of dollars of contract services to his company pleaded guilty to corruption charges in federal court in San Diego on Thursday. Leonard Glenn Francis, who had earlier said he was innocent, ...

China pushes soft power with hospital ship at RIMPAC

World Jul 28, 2014

China pushes soft power with hospital ship at RIMPAC

On a Chinese hospital ship off Hawaii, crew members demonstrate traditional massage techniques to U.S. sailors. The mood is one of collegiality, even after China opted out of Japan-led humanitarian drills at the world's largest international naval exercise. There are no guns in sight as ...

Commentary | COUNTERPOINT Apr 12, 2014

Weapons for peace and proactive pacifism

by Jeff Kingston

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has relaxed curbs on arms exports and sees great market potential in Asia. In the Pacific Century, Asia's impressive economic growth is funding expanding defense budgets, making the region the most lucrative global arms market. Alas, it is also a ...