Tokyo: Tsubaki Matsuri

Camellia Festival. Various species of camellia are usually in bloom during the festival period on Oshima Island. The festival features Oshima local performing arts such as Anko-no-Teodori (dance performed by Oshima local girls in traditional costume) and Oshima Minyo(traditional folk songs) and Yomatsuri ...


Fukuoka: Yanagawa Hina Matsuri Sagemon Meguri

Girl's Festival. Sagemon are handsewn ornaments which are displayed all over the city for this festival. When a baby girl is born, her mother and grandmothers sew Sagemon stitch by stitch wishing her to grow up healthy, and decorate them at both sides of ...


Oita: Tenryo Hita Ohina Matsuri

Girl's Festival. The Hita area prospered under the reign of Tenryo (Tokugawa Shogunate dependency) in the time of the Edo period. Hina Ningyo (traditional Japanese dolls) which have been handed down for generations, have been well preserved, and are displayed at about 14 houses ...


Ibaraki: Mito-no-Ume Matsuri

Ume (Japanese apricot) Flower Festival. There are more than 3,000 of around 100 varieties of apricot trees in Kairaku-en. Various events are scheduled, such as Nodate(Tea ticket is 300JPY), performance of traditional Japanese musical instruments and Hina-nagashi (floating paper dolls down on a stream). ...

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