Sep 4, 2018

Israel signals it could launch attack on Iranian weaponry in Iraq

Israel on Monday signaled it could attack suspected Iranian military assets in Iraq, as it has done with scores of airstrikes in war-torn Syria. Citing Iranian, Iraqi and Western sources, Reuters reported last week that Iran had transferred short-range ballistic missiles to Shiite allies in ...

Aug 6, 2018

High pump prices in Japan hit consumers amid holiday season

Gasoline prices continue to maintain multiyear highs on the back of rising crude oil prices, mainly reflecting growing Middle East tensions, and are hitting consumers hard amid the summer holiday season. According to the Oil Information Center, the average retail price of regular gasoline in ...

May 1, 2018

Netanyahu's claims regarding Iran nukes fails to convince deal proponents

Israel began sharing an intelligence trove on Iran's alleged nuclear ambitions Tuesday, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faced accusations his televised unveiling lacked evidence a 2015 accord had been violated. The IAEA, the United Nations' atomic watchdog, said it would evaluate any new relevant information, ...