National Oct 21, 2013

Kanebo adds 1,233 more victims to skin blotch fiasco

Kanebo Cosmetics Inc. said Monday that it has confirmed that 1,233 more people in Japan have developed blotches from using its skin-whitening products, bringing the official case tally to 15,192. As of Oct. 13, 5,200 have serious symptoms, with at least three blotches or a ...

Editorials Sep 16, 2013

Kanebo's costly scandal

Only by fixing the flaws in its corporate culture that caused the skin-blotch scandal can Kanebo hope to regain the public's trust.

Business / Corporate Sep 9, 2013

Taiwan to ban blotchy skin whitener used by Kanebo

Taiwan will ban a skin-whitening chemical used by Kanebo Cosmetics Inc. following consumer complaints of white blotches, health authorities said Monday. Lu Li-fu, spokesman for the Food and Drug Administration in Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare, said the ban will take effect as soon ...

National Aug 1, 2013

4,000 users of Kanebo skin care items suffer white blotches

Kanebo Cosmetics Inc. says it has confirmed that 4,061 users of its group's skin-whitening cosmetics have suffered unwanted white blotches on their skin. Kanebo said 8,631 people had reported developing such blotches by July 25, though that number could increase. The company issued a recall ...

Thousands hit Kanebo over skin discoloring

National Jul 24, 2013

Thousands hit Kanebo over skin discoloring

by Masaaki Kameda

Kanebo Cosmetics Inc. has announced that more than 2,000 people have complained about serious skin discoloration after using its products, with the firm saying Wednesday that it has begun meeting with people suffering from such symptoms, promising them long-term support. "We set up a task ...