| Mar 12, 2016

On his last legs

Arriving at the jogging course just before a group of college soccer players start their 2-kilometer individual time trial is completely soul-destroying.

| Dec 28, 2013

Shifting gear; Jogging gear

Shifting gear Australian tourist: Hold onto your hats, the bus driver's decided to experiment with third gear. — Hato bus to Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture. Overheard by The Japan Times On Sunday Jogging gear Man: Why do people wear jeans while running? Woman: Maybe that's all they have. — Yoyogi Park, ...

Perfect match: Miyakon help singles connect

Nov 9, 2013

Perfect match: Miyakon help singles connect

by Jun Hongo

Despite being located almost a stone's throw from the historic town of Nikko in Tochigi Prefecture and establishing itself as the gyōza capital of Japan, Utsunomiya was languishing in the economic doldrums for the much of the early 2000s. Nearly a decade later, the situation ...

Apparel maker offers running school

/ Aug 22, 2013

Apparel maker offers running school

by Shinichi Tokuda

Sportswear maker Asics Corp. has organized a running school for beginners in collaboration with scale maker Tanita Corp. and cosmetics maker Shiseido Co. to capitalize on the growing popularity of the activity. On a weekend morning in late June, 20 people, many in their 20s, ...