Oct 25, 2016

160 infants in Japan died of suffocation in five-year period

One hundred and sixty infants aged less than 1 year old suffocated while asleep in the five years through 2014, according to the Consumer Affairs Agency. In many of the cases, the babies died while sleeping face down on a mattress, the agency said Monday. This ...

Take baby steps into theater

/ Aug 1, 2013

Take baby steps into theater


Before it learns how to speak, a baby responds to sounds by cooing, gurgling and changing his or her facial expression. Then it begins to babble and, eventually, the first "mama" or "dada" pops out to parental delight. Words, therefore, are not necessary for communication. ...

Jun 29, 2013

Going for gold: Babies shun yellow at 7 months old in new study

Babies prefer the gold color of Olympic medals to green and are able to recognize glossiness or other complex textures from 7 months old, according to a study by Japanese researchers published Thursday on PLoS One, an online U.S. scientific journal. In the study — ...