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Canadian singer Avril Lavigne attends the opening ceremony of Gap Flagship Ginza in Tokyo in 2011, three years before releasing her music video for the Japan-inspired track “Hello Kitty.”
CULTURE / Music / Sound Off
Apr 26, 2024
Avril Lavigne walked so today's influencer tourists could Mario Kart
Ten years ago, the pop star’s ‘Hello Kitty’ video drew outrage from the West, but she wouldn’t be the last visitor to use Tokyo as a backdrop for content.
Sanrio is marking Hello Kitty's 50th anniversary this year. The character's rise mirrors that of kawaii culture globally, and her longevity offers important clues as to the future of cute culture.
Apr 22, 2024
Hello Kitty turns 50. What will the next cat's meow be?
The global rise of Hello Kitty, who turns 50 this year, tracks that of Japanese culture. What, then, does the next half-century of kawaii have in store?
Cute characters like Pikachu are deeply ingrained in Japanese culture. The global reach of kawaii has contributed to Japan's soft power and international appeal.
Mar 26, 2024
What does the global power of kawaii say about us?
Kawaii is one of Japan's greatest cultural exports. But cuteness is more than just a fad or a commercial success story: It's part of our evolution.
Sanrio Puroland in the western Tokyo suburb of Tama notified police around 9 a.m. that it had received an email warning that a "hazardous" object had been placed on the premises.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Feb 24, 2024
Hello Kitty theme park in Tokyo closes after 'terrorist threat'
Sanrio Puroland in Tama received an email warning that a "hazardous" object was placed on the premises, but police have yet to find anything suspicious.
Japan Times
Apr 8, 2023
Roger Dahl on Hello Kitty temptations
Japan Times
Feb 16, 2021
Duty-free store turns to cuddly toys to boost Lunar New Year sales
The items are taking the place of home appliances, from rice cookers to electric toilet seats, normally favored by Chinese tourists who travel to Japan to shop.
Japan Times
Jul 18, 2020
'Pure Invention': How Japan's pop culture became the 'lingua franca' of the internet
From toy jeeps and karaoke machines to the Game Boy and Tamagotchi, “Pure Invention” explores how Japan's cultural influence has spread across the globe.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Companies
Jun 13, 2020
Founder of Hello Kitty creator Sanrio steps down after 60-year stint
The company just posted a net income of just u00a5191 million for the year, 95 percent lower than a year ago and less than 10 percent of its forecast.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Companies
Jun 3, 2019
Special Hello Kitty dessert buffet available at Hilton Osaka
A Hello Kitty-themed dessert buffet is now available at Hilton Osaka to mark the key anniversaries of one of the world's most beloved feline characters and the hotel's brand.
Japan Times
LIFE / Digital / ON: TECH
Apr 21, 2019
Often, it's the little things that count
These small gadgets have the big jobs of controlling home appliances, keeping kids safe and printing on virtually anything.
Japan Times
CULTURE / Entertainment news
Mar 6, 2019
Hello Kitty headed for Hollywood after years of talks on film rights
One of Japan's most beloved cat cartoon characters is headed for Hollywood.
Japan Times
Nov 29, 2018
2025 Osaka World Expo promotional items, not meant for sale, now being sold online
Promotional items not meant for sale that were created to help Osaka win its bid to host the 2025 World Expo have been sold on internet auction sites, it has been learned.
Japan Times
Jun 26, 2018
Media get peek at Hello Kitty bullet train ahead of debut
West Japan Railway Co. (JR West) showed a Hello Kitty-themed bullet train to the media Monday before its debut later this week.
Japan Times
May 18, 2018
Hello Kitty bullet train to debut in Japan on June 30
West Japan Railway Co. said Friday it will begin operating a Hello Kitty-themed shinkansen on June 30.
Japan Times
Nov 28, 2017
Hello Kitty and Pikachu recruited to back Osaka's bid to host the 2025 World Expo
Hello Kitty and Pikachu have been enlisted to give Osaka a boost in its efforts to host the 2025 World Exposition.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Companies
Jun 15, 2017
EU launches antitrust investigation into Sanrio over product distribution
The European Commission said Wednesday it has launched an antitrust investigation into whether Hello Kitty owner Sanrio Co. is illegally blocking the sale of licensed products across borders and online.
Japan Times
LIFE / Digital / ON: TECH
Feb 20, 2016
Time to watch out for those kids
Get ready to answer the cat phone
Japan Times
Jan 14, 2016
Seibu Railway cars to feature Hello Kitty characters in tourist draw
Hello Kitty characters will be featured on some Seibu Railway Co. train cars from Saturday in a bid to draw visitors to the Chichibu mountainous area where the operator serves.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Dec 22, 2015
Sanrio database leak seen covering info on 3.3 million Hello Kitty fans
A database for Sanrio, the Japanese owner of the Hello Kitty brand, was breached, putting the data of 3.3 million of its users at risk, according to security website CSOonline.com's report.
Japan Times
Nov 30, 2015
From 'samurai' to 'Hello Kitty,' search data show how the world's view of Japan has changed
Analytics data suggest Japan is better known abroad as the land of Hello Kitty than as a country full of swaggering samurai and mincing geisha.


The Japanese government updated its English education guidelines in 2017 to emphasize communication over grammar and memorization. Public school teachers are incredibly busy, however, which means schools haven’t been able to implement changes uniformly. Private and alternative schools are attempting to remedy this.
The language of opportunity: Bilingual education is on the rise in Japan