Music mew-ves into the world of Hello Kitty

by Yuki Hayashi

Staff Writer

Anti-itch cream and Hello Kitty may seem like an unlikely pairing, but these days it seems that cat can sell anything. This time, however, she has enlisted Akihabara-based idol group to help.

The group, PokeMuhi Motta to Hello Kitty ( that has Pocket Muhi & Hello Kitty), has released a new music video titled “MUnasawagi no HImitsu?!”

Based on Hello Kitty’s opening words — “Girls in love wear ribbons” — the six members begin a frantic quest for the perfect ribbon. At the same time, the lyrics of the song playfully compare the uneasiness and frustration of mosquito bites and unrequited love. The song is used to promote Pocket Muhi insect-bite medicine.

The commercial collaboration is good news for fans. On top of being able to see Hello Kitty dance with their favorite idols, they also have a chance to meet them. The campaign, which goes on until June 30, will invite 300 lucky fans to the idol group’s concert on Aug. 20. Out of the 300, a lucky 20 will be invited on a backstage tour.

Reactions to the new campaign have been mixed. While some seem bewildered as to how an idol group can promote anti-itch medicine, fans have been expressing jealousy that Hello Kitty has been able to join the group, even for a short time.

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