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Chorus supported A Space for the Unbound by publishing the console versions of the game, which meant working closely with platforms like Nintendo for the eShop and physical versions while also providing additional Japanese localization for the game.
LIFE / Digital / ON: GAMES
Feb 24, 2024
How a small publisher links Japan to global indie gaming hits
Chorus Worldwide was founded in 2014, but the combined games pedigree of its core team goes much further back.
Signage for the Nintendo Switch is seen in Manhattan, New York. The successor to the popular Switch was scheduled for release in late 2024, but several game publishers have been advised of a delay by the company.
BUSINESS / Companies
Feb 17, 2024
Nintendo is telling game publishers Switch 2 will be delayed
The firm is advising game publishers that its next-generation console will be delayed until the first quarter of 2025.
Established in December 2021 in the middle of the pandemic-fuelled gaming craze, Sega Sapporo Studio is remarkable for growing amid a recent slump in the industry.
LIFE / Digital
Feb 17, 2024
Sega developers say new Sapporo studios lead to better lives
Aside from quality-of-life benefits that come from living outside a major metropolis, Sapporo also has a history of game development.
Sony trimmed its revenue forecast after sales of its flagship PlayStation 5 in the December quarter came in roughly a million units lower than analysts’ estimates.
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Feb 15, 2024
Sony dives most in two years after cutting PS5 sales outlook
Shares fell as much as 8.4% in early Tokyo trading, the biggest intraday fall since February 2022.
Shogi player Sota Fujii speaks to reporters in Tokyo on Thursday after extending his winning streak in title matches to 20, breaking a record set more than half a century ago.
Feb 9, 2024
Shogi star Fujii renews record for title match winning streak
Fujii holds all eight major titles for the traditional Japanese board game.
In the quest for immortality, some researchers believe mind uploading will be our ticket to an eternal existence.
PODCAST / deep dive
Feb 8, 2024
Japan’s take on immortality; problems in Palworld
As scientists and technologists attempt to tackle the problem of aging and death, we discuss Japanese ideas about immortality.
Nintendo has raised its forecast for Switch console sales and its overall operating profit for the year ending in March.
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Feb 6, 2024
Nintendo raises sales and profit forecasts after strong holiday earnings
The Kyoto-based firm's shares are at an all-time high this year, with expectations for a next-generation Switch also playing into the lofty valuation.
The Final Fantasy-inspired plate was supposed to arrive in Tokyo on Jan. 5, but the Noto craftsmen moved up the schedule to the day before the destructive Noto tremblor.
LIFE / Style & Design
Feb 3, 2024
Spared from Noto quake, Final Fantasy lacquerware inspires hope
A group committed to preserving local lacquerware hopes that the decorative plate will help turn the region's dire disaster recovery situation around.
A statue of Mario on display inside a Takashiyama department store in Kyoto in November. Nintendo's shares have soared 47% in the past year, outpacing gains in console rivals Microsoft and Sony Group over the past couple of months.
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Jan 31, 2024
Nintendo’s record gain tested in wait for 'Switch 2’
Nintendo's shares have soared 47% in the past year, recently outpacing gains in console rivals Microsoft and Sony Group.
Executive officer, producer and director Masayoshi Yokoyama poses next to a promotional poster for Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. The Yakuza gangster series has long been seen as a Japanese version of Grand Theft Auto, but Yokoyama dismisses any such comparison.
LIFE / Digital
Jan 25, 2024
'We don't hit women': How Yakuza differs from Grand Theft Auto
Designer Masayoshi Yokoyama sat down to discuss video game violence ahead of the Jan. 26 release of the latest in the Yakuza series.
A man walks out of a game store displaying a promotional poster for Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, the latest in the Yakuza series of video games. Behind the worldwide success of Japanese video games lies a delicate task: appealing to overseas players whose expectations on issues like sexism are increasingly influencing the content of major titles.
LIFE / Digital
Jan 25, 2024
From Japan to the world: how to translate a game
Everything from slang to costumes needs to be considered in an era where international success is crucial to making a blockbuster.
Has runaway hit Palworld gotten itself into hot water with The Pokemon Company?
LIFE / Digital
Jan 25, 2024
The Pokemon Company to Palworld: ‘We intend to investigate’
“We have not granted any permission for the use of Pokemon intellectual property or assets in that game,” The Pokemon Company said in a statement.
In Palworld, players can explore an open world and collectible Pokemon-esque creatures, some of whom utilize a variety of weaponry to defeat opponents.
LIFE / Digital
Jan 24, 2024
Overnight smash Palworld is much more than ‘Pokemon with guns’
Instead of “Pokemon with guns,” a more apt description for Palworld would be “Pokemon, but it grew up over the last 30 years.”
Shohei Ohtani has been appointed baseball game ambassador by Konami Group’s content unit.
Jan 16, 2024
Konami hires Shohei Ohtani to champion Power Pros in 30th year
Ohtani's appointment to baseball game ambassador also marks the 20th anniversary of spinoff Professional Baseball Spirits.
Final Fantasy VII Rebith, the second installment in the modern remastering of the 1997 classic scheduled for a Feb. 29 release, leads the slate of Japan-made games this year.
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Jan 13, 2024
Final Fantasy and Tekken kick-start exciting year for gamers
Many upcoming titles are legacy franchises with recognizable faces that have withstood the ebb and flow of gaming popularity.
An esports and gaming festival in Riyadh in July
SPORTS / esports
Dec 30, 2023
IOC sees Japan as potential host of 2026 Olympic Esports Games
Japanese officials are expected to step up talks in 2024 over the hosting of the event at the IOC's request.
From movies, anime, manga and even to sports stars, 2023 was a year where global audiences demonstrated their increasing fondness for Japanese soft power.
Dec 27, 2023
From Godzilla to Shohei: Japan's soft power had a big year
Little by little, Japan is getting better at pitching its copious wares overseas, and 2023 proved that.
An Aladdin X staff member plays Suika Game on its home projector in Tokyo on Friday. Suika Game was originally developed for the company's line of home projectors.
Dec 25, 2023
Suika Game: How a Japanese home projector app became a viral hit
The puzzle game has ranked No. 1 in Nintendo Switch software downloads, topping titles such as Super Mario Bros. Wonder.
A designer at work at Vietnamese internet firm VNG in Ho Chi Minh City
Dec 24, 2023
'Beyond our borders': Vietnam tech firm VNG takes on world best
Beyond gaming, VNG also dabbles in fintech and AI, with a mission to show the world what Vietnam and its engineers are capable of.
While Magic: The Gathering is popular with card game aficionados the world over, the community in Japan is split along some unexpected lines.
LIFE / Lifestyle
Dec 23, 2023
Diehards and casuals clash in Tokyo’s Magic: The Gathering community
The Commander format is widely popular across Europe and the United States, but Japan’s Magic community hasn’t quite followed the same path.


Hideo Shimoju points to a possible site that his fellow neighbors may relocate to. Such relocations have happened before, but not preemptively.
In disaster-prone Japan, some communities consider major moves