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Migrants sit onboard an inflatable boat before attempting to illegally cross the English Channel to reach Britain, off the coast of Sangatte, northern France, on July 18.
Aug 4, 2023
Migrant boat rescue missions do not encourage crossings, study shows
The finding contradicts claims that ships that save migrants in the Mediterranean incentivize people to risk their lives trying to get to the EU.
Migrants at a base near Tripoli hand out food to other migrants after they were detained by the Libyan navy in September 2015.
Aug 2, 2023
An immigration wake-up call
Well-designed immigration policies in advanced economies could ease inflationary labor-market shortages and preventing humanitarian tragedies.
Migrants are seen on a metal boat as members of the Tunisian coastguard try to stop them at sea during their attempt to cross to Italy, off Sfax, Tunisia, on April 27.
Jul 28, 2023
Tunisia says 900 migrants drowned off its coast this year
Tunisia has become a major gateway for irregular migrants and asylum-seekers attempting the perilous sea voyages in often rickety boats in the hopes of a better life in Europe.
Spanish far-right Vox party leader Santiago Abascal (center) greets supporters as he arrives to deliver a speech at the party headquarters in Madrid on Sunday after Spain's general election.
Jul 25, 2023
Setback for Spain's Vox points to limits of European far-right advance
Vox's share of seats fell to 33 from 52, suggesting an electoral ceiling for some European far-right parties even though their rise has worried leaders from Brussels to Berlin.
An accommodation center for refugees from Ukraine in Berlin in May
WORLD / Society
Jul 21, 2023
Europe struggles to convert Ukraine migration into labor boon
Obstacles ranging from lack of child care facilities to reluctance to recognize non-European academic and vocational qualifications has left vacancies unfilled.
Japan Times
Jul 16, 2023
Record heat waves sweep the world, from U.S. to Japan via Europe
Parts of eastern Japan are expected to reach 38 to 39 degrees Celsius, with the Meteorological Agency warning temperatures could hit previous records.
Japan Times
Jul 14, 2023
Japan and EU agree to further deepen cooperation as strategic interests converge
Among the top deliverables was a decision to launch a strategic dialogue at the foreign ministerial level to ramp up security cooperation.
Japan Times
Jul 12, 2023
Japan and NATO usher in new era of cooperation amid China concerns
Collaboration will go beyond traditional security areas and extend to cyber, emerging and disruptive technologies and strategic communications, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said.
Japan Times
Jul 12, 2023
NATO to offer Ukraine fast path to join when conditions met
NATO leaders agreed that Ukraine won’t need a so-called Membership Action Plan to prepare for joining, Secretay-General Jens Stoltenberg said at a news conference.
Japan Times
Jul 11, 2023
61,000 Europeans may have died in last summer's heat waves, experts say
Study estimates that more than 61,600 people died from heat-related causes across 35 European countries from late May to early September 2022, during Europe's hottest summer on record.
Japan Times
WORLD / Politics / FOCUS
Jul 8, 2023
Macron is trying to get back on the right side of history — and NATO
The French leader has shifted gears, aiming to speed the eastward expansion of both NATO and the European Union by clearing a pathway to membership for Ukraine.
Japan Times
Jul 4, 2023
Beijing takes the trade fight to Europe, targeting the green transition
China is the largest producer of the two minerals that are crucial to the semiconductor, telecommunications and electric-vehicle industries.
Japan Times
Jun 30, 2023
Eastern Europe sounds warning on Wagner mercenaries in Belarus
Latvia’s prime minister, Krisjanis Karins, said the presence of Wagner in neighboring Belarus posed an urgent threat of 'infiltration” into the European Union.
Japan Times
WORLD / Politics
Jun 29, 2023
EU intends to maintain missile sanctions on Iran beyond expiry of 2015 pact
Current measures that limit Tehran's nuclear program in return for relief from economic controls are set to expire on Oct. 18 under a U.N. resolution that enshrined the earlier deal.
Japan Times
Jun 23, 2023
Pakistan's economic meltdown spurs more people to risk lives to reach Europe
Cash-strapped Pakistan's $350 billion economy is in peril, with inflation at a record 38% and the country facing the prospects of a default.
Japan Times
Jun 20, 2023
Europe now fastest-warming continent as heat outpaces global norms, report shows
Climate and weather hazards in 2022 led to 16,365 deaths, mostly relating to heat waves, and caused $2 billion in damage, largely connected with floods and storms, according to the analysis.
Japan Times
WORLD / Science & Health
Jun 19, 2023
New Eisai and Biogen Alzheimer drug faces hurdles in Europe
Some doctors said its effect on the disease may not be clinically meaningful enough when weighed against the risk of brain swelling, its likely high price.
Japan Times
Jun 16, 2023
Cyberattacks on renewables: Europe power sector's dread in chaos of war
The digitalized, interconnected technology of the thousands of renewable assets across Europe presented major vulnerabilities to infiltration.
Japan Times
Jun 14, 2023
Taiwan needs European friends to keep China at bay, minister says during tour
Taiwan has no formal diplomatic ties with any European country except the Vatican, but it maintains extensive informal relations.
Japan Times
Jun 9, 2023
Taiwanese foreign minister to make trip to Europe next week, sources say
Central and Eastern European countries have been particularly keen to show support for Taiwan — especially following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.


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