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Japan's excessive dependence on certain countries for chip imports is a risk to supply networks, government white paper has warned.
BUSINESS / Economy
Jul 9, 2024
Government white paper flags Japan's risks of import dependencies
The paper stressed the importance of import source diversification, to prevent excessive dependence that poses a risk to supply networks.
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida speaks at a meeting of a government panel on information related to economic security last month as economic security minister Sanae Takaichi looks on.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal / FOCUS
Jul 9, 2024
New security clearance system to bring Japan in line with other G7 nations
Individuals qualified to handle classified information will receive certification from the government, facilitating easier participation in global research and business.
Chinese EV-maker Nio’s Onvo L60 SUV is unveiled in Shanghai in May. As an EV powerhouse, China should share the fruits of its success with the rest of the world.
Jul 3, 2024
Easy solutions to EU-China tariff dispute
The EU should see the futility of tariffs on Chinese EVs, and China should not retaliate but instead share the fruits of its success in building up its auto sector.
Canada Day is held on July 1 to mark Canada’s founding in 1867. This year, the country celebrates its 157th anniversary among resounding successes and tough challenges at home and abroad.
Jul 1, 2024
Canada at 157: Lots to celebrate, but also to rethink
At 157, Canada is stable and prosperous, but cracks are starting to form. Its citizens think politicians are out of touch and the country holds little sway abroad.
Chinese leader Xi Jinping with French President Emmanuel Macron in France in May. As part of a charm offensive, Xi visited France and other European countries in the spring.
COMMENTARY / Japan / Geoeconomic Briefing
Jul 1, 2024
Expectations vs. reality of Xi Jinping's charm offensive
Beijing is trying to win back favor in several countries to tackle its economic woes, with Xi courting bilateral relations with leaders in Europe and beyond.
Workers transport soil containing rare-earth elements for export at a port in Lianyungang, China, in October 2010.
Jun 30, 2024
China issues rare-earth regulations to further protect domestic supply
The rules focus on the mining, smelting and trade in the critical materials used to make products from magnets in electric vehicles to consumer electronics.
Uncompleted residential buildings in Shenyang, China. The Chinese government is trying to support the real estate sector as a property crisis and other economic ailments drag on.
COMMENTARY / World / Geoeconomic Briefing
Jun 27, 2024
What will it take for China to regain market confidence?
Xi came to power promising high-quality development instead of growth at all costs. But first, his government must tackle structural problems embedded in China's economy.
The investigation into the Chinese telcos is the latest effort by Washington to prevent Beijing from exploiting Chinese firms' access to U.S. data to harm U.S. companies, Americans or its national security as part of a deepening tech war between the geopolitical rivals.
Jun 25, 2024
U.S. probing Chinese telcos over internet and cloud risks
Their cloud services and routing of wholesale U.S. internet traffic raise concerns that they could exploit access to American data by providing it to Beijing.
Washington is talking to allies about adding 11 more Chinese chipmaking factories to a restricted list.
WORLD / Politics
Jun 19, 2024
U.S. pushes Japan and Netherlands to muzzle China's chipmaking abilities
Washington is talking to allies about adding 11 more Chinese chipmaking factories to a restricted list, a source said.
A Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. facility under construction in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2022. Washington aims to strengthen domestic chip manufacturing as it engages in a trade war with China.
COMMENTARY / World / Geoeconomic Briefing
Jun 9, 2024
Does economic security undermine the benefits of interdependence?
While economic security concerns are not new in the U.S., coercive methods are. These risk undermining the rules-based international order and its global appeal.
While European countries such as Germany have strengthened bilateral ties with Beijing, the EU as a whole is set on reducing reliance on the Chinese economy: a strategy that European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen calls "de-risking."
COMMENTARY / World / Geoeconomic Briefing
May 31, 2024
Europe’s vulnerability in the EU-China-U.S. geoeconomic triangle
Behind a semblance of unity, the EU and U.S. could be on clashing trajectories in their pursuit of economic security to reduce dependence on China.
Chinese electric vehicles bound for shipment at the Port of Taicang in China
May 30, 2024
EU seeks roadblocks for Chinese EVs without sparking trade war
Crucially, the bloc must strike a balance with its aim for more Europeans to drive EVs as it prepares to outlaw the sale of new fossil fuel-powered cars from 2035.
Wanxiang America’s Neapco manufacturing plant in Belleville, Michigan
BUSINESS / Companies
May 29, 2024
Once embraced, Chinese companies now shunned in U.S. on security fears
It doesn’t matter if it’s mining or health care, even Chinese furniture could one day be seen as a national security issue, a lawyer who represents Chinese clients said.
In September 2022, U.S. President Joe Biden signed an executive order outlining what technology areas would be considered critical in the government's process for reviewing inbound investments that could pose a threat to national security.
COMMENTARY / Japan / Geoeconomic Briefing
May 27, 2024
How will Japan respond to new U.S. investment rules?
Washington is reforming inbound and outbound investment rules in the context of economic security concerns. Japan needs to prepare for these changes.
U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen holds a news conference ahead of a meeting of Group of Seven finance ministers and central bank governors in Stresa, Italy, on Thursday.
BUSINESS / Economy
May 26, 2024
China slammed in G7 show of unity threatening trade escalation
The Group of Seven ministers and bankers accused the world’s second-biggest economy of hurting the economies of its trade partners.
Bank of Italy Gov. Fabio Panetta (left), French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire (center) and Italian Finance Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti pose for a picture at the Group of Seven finance chiefs and central bank governors' meeting in Stresa, Italy, on Friday.
BUSINESS / Economy
May 25, 2024
China fear grips G7 with draft raising alarm at ‘harmful’ trade
A draft communique formulated at the Group of Seven meeting in the lakeside resort of Stresa introduces much stronger language than before.
At the factory of 4R Energy Corp. in Namie, Fukushima Prefecture, a lithium-ion electric vehicle battery is disassembled to be reused. Batteries and EVs are among the strategic industries governments around the world aim to support through their industrial policies.
COMMENTARY / Japan / Geoeconomic Briefing
May 20, 2024
Grasping industrial policy in the age of economic security
A new era of industrial policies is structured around three P's: promoting strategic industries, protecting emerging technologies and partnering with like-minded countries.
Shipping containers at Pier J at the Port of Long Beach wait for processing in Long Beach, California, in 2018.
BUSINESS / Markets
May 16, 2024
U.S. efforts to reshape global supply chains gathers pace in Asia
Investment flows are shifting along with trade, with global firms investing in Southeast Asia to avoid U.S. tariffs on China.
Major Japanese companies are increasing ventures in the United States, with Toyota investing $13.9 billion in North Carolina alone.
May 13, 2024
Japan’s gamble to hedge against U.S. political risks
As Japanese companies increasingly invest in U.S. states like North Carolina, friend-shoring ensures economic resilience in the face of political change.
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Chinese President Xi Jinping hold a joint news conference at the Carmelite Monastery in Budapest, Hungary, on Thursday.
May 10, 2024
Xi uses Europe visit to slow continent’s ‘de-risking’ from China
Closer ties with Hungary and Serbia serve to benefit Beijing politically and economically as they help sustain its waning footprint in the region.


Several support networks have launched to help startup founders in Japan whose native language isn't Japanese.
As Japan's startup ecosystem grows, so does a supportive community of entrepreneurs