Kirin Beverage recalls 4.3 million bottles of green tea

Business / Corporate Nov 19, 2019

Kirin Beverage recalls 4.3 million bottles of green tea

Kirin Beverage Co. has announced a recall of about 4.3 million bottles of Kirin Nama-cha Decaf green tea because some bottles may have not been sealed properly. The lips of some bottles may have been damaged during the manufacturing process, Kirin said Monday. Subject to the ...

Canned <I>chūhai</I> drinks thrive on salaryman buzz

Business Apr 29, 2018

Canned chūhai drinks thrive on salaryman buzz

by Alex Martin

"When life gives us lemons, we make -196˚ C Strong Zero Double Lemon!" Perhaps beverage giant Suntory Holdings Ltd.'s commercial variation of the well known proverbial phrase best captures the appeal of its top-selling canned cocktail. Once regarded as a simple, working-class drink, chūhai has made ...

Asia Pacific Aug 13, 2016

North Korea kicks off first beer festival

North Korea on Friday kicked off its first beer festival, in line with leader Kim Jong Un's promise to improve living standards and build a "highly civilized nation" despite being under international sanctions for its pursuit of nuclear arms. The festival featuring Taedonggang beer, one ...

Japan's craft beer mug runneth over

Food & Drink May 8, 2015

Japan's craft beer mug runneth over

by Monami Yui

Tatsuo Aoki's low-key Tokyo bar, Popeye, has become a destination for beer fanatics from around the country. They make the pilgrimage to sample Hokkaido ales and Shizuoka stouts, or for an impromptu lecture from Aoki on hops and yeast. He's part of a nationwide uprising ...

Canned cocktails blitz beer

Business / Corporate Jul 3, 2014

Canned cocktails blitz beer

Japanese brewers will release a record lineup of canned cocktails this summer as fizzy concoctions come to the fore in efforts to offset a decade of declining beer sales. Brewers such as Kirin Holdings Co. Ltd. have long tried to retain drinkers by making cheaper ...