Social life has shifted online, a convenient turn of events for energy drink Zone, a beverage that promises “digital performance energy” for those immersed in internet life.

This isn’t a new proposition per se — no shortage of “gamer fuels” exist to give a boost to those glued to a screen. Currently, Zone Ver.1.0.0 comes in two flavors, Original and Firewall (¥190 per can before tax). It aims to help people “enjoy a sense of immersion”: marketing speak for “keep folks caffeinated.”

But nobody buys an energy drink for health benefits. All the added sugar could be forgiven if it tasted decent, but, alas, the Original boasts an unfortunate taste — like Red Bull and chewable vitamins — and the Firewall is only slightly better. Getting in on the #ZoneChallenge, where you can win money by playing an affiliated speed-typing smartphone game, is one way to justify buying the drink. For the rest of us, a nap will suffice.

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