Higher education keeps overreaching

National / Media | MEDIA MIX Apr 8, 2017

Higher education keeps overreaching

by Philip Brasor

Since the mid-2000s, the number of Japanese people who turn 18 in a given year has remained constant at about 1.2 million. That will change with the high school graduating class of 2018, which will be smaller than the class of 2017. This eventuality, though ...

Editorials Apr 6, 2017

'Amakudari' remains an issue

Bureaucrats landing jobs in the private sector on the basis of the powers of government ministries and agencies sows the seeds of corruption.

National Mar 30, 2017

Education ministry probe finds 62 illegal cases of 'amakudari'

The education ministry said Thursday it has confirmed 62 cases in which current or former employees acted illegally in finding jobs for retired or retiring bureaucrats. A report on the final findings of the ministry’s probe into the practice of amakudari (literally "descent from heaven") ...

Editorials Feb 23, 2017

Dig up all the 'amakudari' dirt

Revelations of "amakudari" at the education ministry underline the need for all ministries and agencies to undergo strict investigations to root out the practice across the government.