Einstein letter fetches $100,000 at Jerusalem auction

Mar 7, 2018

Einstein letter fetches $100,000 at Jerusalem auction

A letter penned by legendary physicist Albert Einstein discussing one of his groundbreaking theories sold in Jerusalem Tuesday for over $100,000 as part of trove of documents that went under the hammer. The handwritten missive, sent in 1928 by Einstein from Berlin to a mathematician ...

Nov 14, 2014

Postcard autographed by Einstein in 1922 turns up at Shiga museum

A postcard autographed by physicist Albert Einstein when he visited Japan in 1922 after winning the Nobel Prize was discovered at a museum in Shiga Prefecture. Eizaburo Nishibori Memorial Explorer Museum in Higashiomi, Shiga Prefecture, commemorating Nishibori, who headed Japan's primary Antarctica wintering party, found ...