Oct 24, 2016

Plane crashes on takeoff at Malta airport, five aboard killed

Officials say a light plane has crashed after takeoff from Malta International Airport, killing all five people on board. The five victims were all French, according to an airport source. It was not immediately clear if they were military or civilian. The twin-prop Metroliner tipped toward ...

MH370 likely glided, not crashed, into sea

Aug 6, 2015

MH370 likely glided, not crashed, into sea

How hard did Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 hit the water after it ran out of fuel and plummeted from cruising altitude? Not as hard as you might think, accident experts say. The relatively intact condition of the wing piece that washed up on Reunion island ...

Jul 30, 2015

Russia vetoes U.N. Security Council proposal on MH17 tribunal

Russia on Wednesday vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution that would set up an international criminal court to prosecute those responsible for shooting down a Malaysia Airlines plane over Ukraine a year ago. The foreign ministers of the Netherlands, Australia and Ukraine attended a meeting ...