Review excerpt: For ¥3,000 an hour, you get your own place at BBQPit, the use of a Weber grill and a sturdy awning to keep off the sun.

Review excerpt: Locale sources its pork from Kagoshima and lamb from Hokkaido and veal from a ranch in Iwate. Look out for her Saitama quail, too.

Review excerpt: The bar snacks at Another8 are classy, ranging from soy-sauce pickles to the addictively munchy home-cooked burdock chips.

Review excerpt: There is only a fixed omakase tasting menu at Torikado; simply let chef Onoda or his assistant know if there’s anything you don’t want. (Be warned, the meal includes plenty of internal organs.) Then, sit back as a succession of chicken morsels ...

The core of Ponga's menu is made up of an extensive selection of beef and pork cuts, several of them rarely found in standard yakiniku restaurants. But Ponga also prides itself on a wider-than-usual selection of vegetable dishes on its menu. You can order ...

In charge of the grill is Tomohiko Abe, Ikegawa's youthful right-hand man from Torishiki. He is working side by side with Yasunori Yamamoto, whose background is in Italian cuisine. It sounds hybrid, but it works wonderfully.

Chef Ryotaro Miyauchi got experience at a number of small-scale winemakers during his stay in France, so he knows his oenology. But he's also a trained chef, so the food menu is every bit as important.

In the right hands, the simple act of grilling skewers of chicken over glowing coals of charcoal produces one of the supreme delicacies of Japanese cuisine, well worthy of a such a tasteful setting. Those hands belong to yakitori maestro Yoshiteru Ikegawa.

Review excerpt: Nowhere does tonkatsu like Tonki. Of all the restaurants in Tokyo that serve those ever-popular cutlets of breaded, deep-fried pork — and they number in their thousands — nowhere stands out quite the way Tonki does. To its legions of fans, it is an ...

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