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Favorites cruise on Day 2 of tourney


Lone yokozuna Kakuryu stayed unbeaten Monday at the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament, cruising to victory over rank-and-file opponent Hokutofuji.

Kakuryu, seeking his sixth top-division title, improved to 2-0 by quickly pushing out the winless No. 1 maegashira in the final bout on Day 2 at Ryogoku Kokugikan.

The contest was over almost as quickly as it started, with Kakuryu driving the hapless Hokutofuji out backward right from the jump.

The 33-year-old Mongolian is the only yokozuna competing in the absence of all-time championship record-holder Hakuho, who hurt his biceps while defeating Kakuryu en route to a perfect 15-0 victory at the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament.

New ozeki Takakeisho also picked up his second win of the 15-day tournament by thrusting out No. 1 Kotoshogiku (1-1).

The 22-year-old crowd favorite, contesting his first basho at sumo’s second-highest rank, came in low and fast from the jump. Using a two-handed shove to the chest, Takakeisho quickly dislodged the veteran, who upset another ozeki, Takayasu, on Day 1 of the tournament.

Takayasu (1-1) bounced back from his opening day defeat by thrusting out No. 2 Endo (0-2). The ozeki stayed composed as Endo charged, using his size and strength to shove the rank-and-file grappler out.

Ozeki Goeido stayed perfect by beating komusubi Aoiyama by arm throw. With the win, Goeido improved to 21-3 against the Bulgarian, who earned promotion back to the sanyaku (the three ranks below yokozuna) after going 12-3 during the Spring Basho.

Goeido survived an early scare after giving up ground to the 193-kg komusubi. With his back to the straw, the ozeki used a strong inside grip to topple Aoiyama (1-1) at the edge of the ring.

Sekiwake Tochinoshin (2-0) took another step toward regaining his ozeki ranking with an impressive lift-out win over No. 2 Daieisho. The powerfully built Georgian took an inside grip before hoisting the maegashira over the straw.

Tochinoshin (2-0) needs at least 10 wins to go straight back to ozeki following his demotion after the spring meet.

Sekiwake Tamawashi, who claimed his first title at the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament, fell to 0-2 with a loss against komusubi Mitakeumi.

In a back-and-forth bout, neither wrestler could gain a clear early advantage. With both fighters deploying thrusting attacks, Mitakeumi (1-1) got the win by changing tack and slapping his opponent down.

Sekiwake Ichinojo bounced back from his opening-day loss by forcing out No. 3 Chiyotairyu. After a hard collision, Ichinojo (1-1) used his 227-kg bulk to drive Chiyotairyu (0-2) out backward.

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