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Mongolian yokozuna Hakuho and maiden-title chasing ozeki Kisenosato each had a convincing outing to notch up another victory on Wednesday, the 11th day of the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament.

After a false start, Hakuho couldn’t get a hold of New Year champion Kotoshogiku’s (6-5) belt off the tachiai, but quickly stepped aside to his right to see the ozeki wobbling forward, and held his neck from above before throwing him down and out of the ring.

Kisenosato made it 11 out of 11 for the second time in his career as he forced out Ikioi (3-8) from behind. After getting hold of the sekiwake with a left-hand underarm belt hold, the ozeki capitalized on a forceful armlock throw from Ikioi, who lost his balance in the process, and spun around as he regained his equilibrium. With his back to the ozeki, Ikioi was easily pushed out to see his record against Kisenosato fall to 0-12.

Chasing the pair with two losses, Kakuryu was unperturbed by two false starts in grappling out ozeki Goeido (7-4), who had a better initial charge between the two but soon saw his body lifted by the yokozuna and out of the ring in seconds.

Harumafuji (9-2) maintained his perfect record against Kaisei (5-6) although he was forced on the back foot twice. The Mongolian yokozuna had a firm left overarm grip on the komusubi’s belt in dodging a second charge, and executed a pulling throw standing one-footed on the straw bale for his 13th straight win against the Brazilian.

Injury-hit ozeki Terunofuji (2-9) succumbed to his ninth straight defeat after he was floored on a beltless arm throw from No. 4 maegashira Yoshikaze (5-6), while Sekiwake Kotoyuki (5-6) kept Shodai (3-8) at a distance until he pushed the young No. 2 maegashira out to the first losing record of his career.


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