Something might have gotten lost in translation after Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Kenta Maeda was asked by his manager Dave Roberts to demonstrate his warm-up routine in the team clubhouse. Newspaper articles described Maeda's arm-waving motions as a "dance" but, unless he has added some choreography since leaving the Hiroshima Carp last year, I would not call it that.

He does not move his legs and feet, and I tried to find a dance similar to what Maeda does before throwing practice pitches, but there does not seem to be any. It isn't the watusi or the mashed potatoes. Not the Macarena or the twist.

Furthermore, one article quoted Maeda describing how he felt doing it as saying he was "ashamed" to perform the action in front of his teammates. I was not there, but my hunch is Maeda said he was "hazukashii," a word in Japanese that can mean "ashamed," "embarrassed" or "shy" in English.