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Japan curling team finishes strong against Russia


Japan scored its second win in women’s curling at the Sochi Games on Wednesday, beating host Russia 8-4.

The Japanese, still missing flu-hit Kaho Onodera, got off to a shaky start as it failed to score in the first end despite having the last stone. They drew first blood in the second end with two points but Russia soon caught up with a point each in the next two ends.

But Japan bounced back in a big way, the team taking every end from there except the eighth in which Russia gained two points.

“Right now I feel like I can deliver (the stone) with confidence,” skip Ayumi Ogasawara said after the match. “I still can’t believe our win count is positive.”

Regarding the crowd at Ice Cube Curling Center, which has been cheering loudly in apparent breach of curling etiquette and was especially vocal in its support of the Russian team, she said, “We were saying the Olympics is the only place we could play to this much cheering, so we should enjoy it.”

Japan next faces the United States on Thursday.