Takanashi soars to World Cup triumph


Sara Takanashi captured her second straight World Cup victory on Saturday, when she won a women’s HS 108 event.

Takanashi’s second jump of 105.0 meters was the longest of the day, following a 101.0-meter opening effort that put her in first place. She finished with 266.8 points. Austria’s Daniela Iraschko-Stolz was second with 252.4 points, while Russia’s Irina Awakumova was third with 247.0.

“I made a mistake with my Telemark (posture) while in the air on my first jump, so I executed my second jump in a way that the first wouldn’t drag me down,” Takanashi said. “It gives me confidence that I was able to put it me behind me.”

“I am making some subtle mistakes, so I have to keep working.”

It was the 11th career individual Cup victory for the 17-year-old world champion Takanashi, who also won on Dec. 7 in Lillehammer, Norway, at the season-opening event.

Yuki Ito was sixth, while compatriot Ayumi Watase finished 25th.