Wrestler in trouble after wreck

Kyodo News

Mongolian sumo wrestler Kyokutenho has landed himself in hot water with the Japan Sumo Association after it was revealed Tuesday the eighth-ranked maegashira caused a traffic accident last week.

The Japan Sumo Association, which strictly forbids its wrestlers from driving, is set to hold a special executive committee meeting early next week to decide what kind of punishment it will hand down to Kyokutenho. Kyokutenho ran into the back of a car waiting at a traffic signal at a junction in Tokyo’s Nakano Ward on Saturday, causing the driver minor injuries.

“You can’t go breaking the rules. This will not go unpunished,” said JSA director Musashigawa.

Kyokutenho admitted, “I’m 100 percent in the wrong. I’m not in a position to comment on punishment. I must do some soul searching and just try and train hard for the summer tournament.”