Esquisse Cinq

Review excerpt: The core of the menu at Esquisse Cinq is his “Grand Dessert” selection. Every day there is a choice pancakes, macarons, souffles and more.

Ginza Hachigo

Review excerpt: Ginza Hachigo he has taken a radical step by ignoring — some might say breaking — one of the unwritten rules of ramen.

The Upper

Review excerpt: The Upper offers views out onto the clustered high-rises of Tokyo’s most prestigious business district.

Shoto Lamp

Review excerpt: There is no written menu at Shoto Lamp. You just give them the go-ahead and they will place a succession of dishes in front of you until you’re ready to wrap up your meal.


Review excerpt: Sowado is spacious, busy and theatrical, with counter seating running along three sides of the open kitchen in the center of the dining room.

Bistro Nemot

Review excerpt: Bistro Nemot is a laid-back, counter-style restaurant one of the highlights of the still new and vibrant Eat Play Works complex in Hiroo.

Spice Lab Tokyo

Review excerpt: Spice Lab Tokyo balances the maximalist complexity of Indian recipes with Japanese cuisine’s understated grace.

An Di

Review excerpt: The restaurant An Di explores and creates its own interpretation of what Vietnamese food might taste like in Japan.


Review excerpt: Offering casual fine dining that’s affordable but worth dressing up for, Denkushiflori appears to be perfectly pitched for these uncertain times.