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Restaurant 8ablish


A recently opened creation from the owners of vegan mainstay Pure Cafe and the smaller 8ablish cafe-bakery in Gakugeidaigaku, Restaurant 8ablish creates complex Mediterranean-inspired dishes and, compared to the cafe and bakery, offers a full-fledged dining experience. The atmosphere is conducive to long wine-soaked conversations, and I felt immediately at ease in the dim dinner lighting. The server pleasantly informed me of the style of various plates and recommended the tempeh souvlaki, which included juicy tofu, whole mushrooms, succulent zucchini and red pepper with tzatziki sauce on the side. While not an enormous serving, every bite of this beautiful skewer was magic. The soy-yogurt tzatziki was light and fluffy and paired perfectly with the paprika-sprinkled pita bread. Though I was tempted by the tofu ricotta and sage ravioli with caper cream sauce, I opted for a smaller dish: the mushroom and tomato in oil, served with baguette slices. Savoring each button mushroom drenched in piping hot olive oil, I deliberately paced each bite, only interrupting my food ecstasy with gulps of organic, full-bodied Italian wine.