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Japanese oyster restaurant Kakishabu-ya, in Tokyo’s chic Ginza district, offers a range of unique oyster dishes.

The manager of the restaurant is proud to introduce shabu-shabu hot pot cooking, which he feels is the best way to enjoy oysters. The taste of blanched oysters enjoyed with vegetables and ponzu (a tart citrus sauce) is very rich and sweet, the manager says.

To allow customers to compare oysters, Kakishabu-ya offers sampler plates of fresh oysters from either three different harvest areas or oysters prepared three different ways (¥1,200).

The restaurant is particular about its deep-fried oysters and uses frozen one-year-old virgin oysters from Hiroshima Prefecture (four oysters for ¥800).

The manager is in contact with oyster producers in many areas and purchases fresh seasonal oysters every day and customers are encouraged to ask about the ones on the menu.

A variety of sake, wine and other beverages is available to allow guests to enjoy oysters with their drink of choice.