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Kobe Beef Kaiseki 511

The restaurant Kobe Beef Kaiseki 511 is in an intimate area of Akasaka, one of the major business districts in Tokyo. As customers walk down the stairs to the basement, they are welcomed by the soothing sound of flowing water.

With a goal to showcase Kobe beef to the world, the restaurant is particular about the quality of its namesake beef, using only the choicest cuts of the highest A-5 grade beef that has scored 11 on the BMS (Beef Marbling Score) for Kobe beef. The restaurant's executive chef carefully hand selects the meat to be served at the beef market in Kobe.

The exquisite beef is grilled in a kiln at over 1000 degrees C to trap the rich taste inside. It is cooked using Japanese binchotan charcoal (considered Japan's best), sealing in the savory flavor in a satisfying crunchy texture.

To best complement the beef, the restaurant has about 80 kinds of select wines available.

The hearth-baked Kobe Beef Steak Course is available for ¥14,000. Also, the restaurant offers a variety of kaiseki (traditional multicourse dinner) dishes using seasonal ingredients as well as Kobe beef, and the Complete Kobe-Beef Course is available at ¥13,000.

In line with the nationwide state of emergency declared on April 16, the government is strongly requesting that residents stay at home whenever possible and refrain from visiting bars, restaurants, music venues and other public spaces.