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Outback Steakhouse - Umeda


One of The Outback's most popular menu items for weekend and holiday dinners is the prime rib set. The prime rib is slowly roasted at low heat and served in a thick cut, allowing customers to enjoy authentic, juicy American-style roast beef.

To satisfy even the hungriest diner, they offer three sizes: 250 grams, 350 grams and 450 grams. Of course, customers can also choose how their meat is prepared, with the original for those wishing to enjoy the pure flavor of juicy roast beef; the seared, which quickly seals in the flavor of the tender cut; and the flame-grilled style offers a smoky, bold flavor allowing customers to enjoy the hearty texture.

Whatever size they choose, all prime rib meals come with traditional au jus, a choice of two freshly made sides and a salad or a cup of soup of the day.

The 250-gram cut is available from ¥3,500, while the 350-gram cut runs from ¥4,500 and the 450-gram cut is available from ¥5,500 (prices vary by restaurant).