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Moku Moku Farm


Moku Moku's buffet includes a lot of seasonal foods, so expect a different menu depending on what time of the year you drop by. There’s a wide range of dishes that cater to almost everyone’s dietary needs. For vegetable lovers there’s a lot to choose from, with loads of salad items and dressings of your choice, as well as chunky cucumbers and juicy tomatoes that you can take whole. Mains often include a curry with wheat-infused rice, some simple pastas, several kinds of sausages and roasted meats (most commonly pork and chicken). There are also white, whole-grain and raisin breads in case you really need filling up, and if you still have room for dessert there are ice-creams, miniature cakes and the aforementioned raisin bread, sugar-coated and deep-fried.