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Try Gattenn if you’re looking for a more tranquil restaurant. Located near Nagoya Station, it takes its interior-design cues from traditional Shinto shrines, with a set of red torii gates, staff dressed as shrine workers and even a machine that dispenses omikuji (fortunes) for ¥100 a pop. The food is standard izakaya (pub) fare, with tebasaki chicken wings (¥500), fried chicken (¥580), a selection of salads (¥180-¥480) and a few oddities, such as naan-bread pizza (¥780). The drinks menu is surprisingly extensive for such a small place, with a range of sake starting from ¥600, along with shōchū (distilled liquor), whisky and spirits. A standard beer will set you back ¥480 or, for the same price, you can try one of their cocktails, which are surprisingly good.

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