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Food Cafe Juliett


Review excerpt: Juliett’s wagyu is reasonable, exceptionally soft and juicy — to the point where the sirloin and rump seem chewy and dry in comparison. Although delicious, it is not in the same league as Japanese brand beef such as Kobe or Hida, which have fat evenly marbled throughout. Juliett’s Australian wagyu, though significantly cheaper and less marbled with fat than a Japanese steak, still tastes amazing. What makes Juliett unique is that all of the steaks, including the wagyu, have a halal option, which explains why the restaurant has become so popular with Nagoya’s Islamic community. Although Food Cafe Juliett offers a halal menu and an extensive menu of non-alcoholic drinks, it serves a great selection of draft beers, cocktails and some high-end spirits, such as Highland Park’s 18 Year Old Whisky.