Regarding the story “Sports economist pours cold water on Tokyo Olympics fervor” in the July 28 edition, did Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his Japan Olympic Committee cronies really think that hosting the Summer Olympic Games in 2020 would significantly improve Japan’s economic woes? LOL. Athens, Montreal, London, Beijing, none of these cities saw any real benefit from hosting the games, some went into deep debt. Why did Abe think Tokyo would be any different?

If the LDP hikes the consumption tax to help pay for Abe’s summer follies, the poor, middle class and elderly will end up covering the exorbitant cost overrun. Estimates for funding the Tokyo Games keep going up and up, never down, and the Taro Aso/Abe tag team could care less.

If past events on this scale are of any indication, the Tokyo Games will prove to be a major white elephant project spending spree by the land ministry and its many cronies in the construction industry. Many projects will be “no bid” deals made behind closed doors with lots of sake generously flowing and back-slapping all around. Bid-rigging in Japan? Oh yeah baby, it’s happened before.

Abe in his arrogance hoped that he’d still be prime minister in 2020. It looks like his plans and lofty ambitions are beginning to unravel right before his plutocratic weary eyes. Oh well, he can soon retire. Akie Abe will be right there beside him like the devoted wife she has always been.


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