"In my very humble opinion there's hardly anybody in any of the parties that you would put your life on the line for. We need somebody who's got a little bit of guts to get us all going" declared Brenda of Bristol to a BBC interviewer gauging reactions to the announcement by Prime Minister Theresa May that there would be a British general election on June 8.

Brenda never expected that her off the cuff remarks would go viral as they did in the media. They struck a chord with many. Disillusionment with politics and irritation that Britons were being asked to vote for the third time in just over two years could lead to a low turnout.

May's decision to call a snap election after repeatedly saying she would not do so has dented her reputation for honesty. This has also been knocked by the reasons she gave for her decision. She said that she was concerned by the opposition in Parliament to her strategy for negotiating the terms for Brexit. In fact she had never lost a vote in the House of Commons not least because the opposition Labour Party is schizophrenic about Brexit. Her call for unity rang hollow as she has done nothing to appease the 48 percent of the electorate who voted to remain in the EU.