Regarding Jeff Kingston’s Counterpoint column “Anchor’s ouster is another blow to quality news” in the Jan. 24 edition, you don’t have to be very smart to realize that the conservative right-wing state of Japan is following its pre-World War II modus operandi.

Economic stagnation and political ineptitude are leading to a clamp down on criticism, especially any form of criticism coming from an educated woman, such as Hiroko Kuniya, working within a government organization.

In “Reflections on the way to the gallows — rebel women in prewar Japan” by Mikiso Hane, the repression of left-wing groups and female activists is outlined: ” The Peace Preservation Law and the Special Higher Police are rigorously suppressing all movements working for autonomy and democracy. They make it dangerous to carry on any group activity, with various levels of self awareness, that we see around us. Even natural and commonplace gatherings are threatened. The authorities can crush them at will.”

The decimation of Article 9 and the inability of the Japanese public to halt these “constitutional changes” indicate that the Abe administration will continue to treat the Japanese public with right-wing impunity. The people of Japan will suffer due to its government making decisions based out of fear and insecurity.

Tara Cheney

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