If there is a logic and a rationale for the horrific acts of terror that were committed in Paris on Friday, they are accessible to a very few people. All sane and humane persons should recoil with horror at those atrocities. There can be no excuse or justification for the murder of at least 129 people. The perpetrators are dead but there were others involved in the planning and execution; they must be found and punished. And the political movement and organization that motivates, applauds and facilitates these acts must be eradicated.

At least seven people executed multiple, virtually simultaneous bombings and assaults across Paris Friday night. A group of armed men entered the Bataclan concert hall, where the crowd was waiting for the headline act, and shot randomly into the audience. It is estimated that nearly 100 people were murdered before anti-terrorist commandos launched a counter attack, killing the gunmen and rescuing dozens of others.

At virtually the same time, gunmen attacked diners eating outdoors at several restaurants in central Paris and two suicide bombers blew themselves up outside the national stadium where the French and German soccer teams were holding a "friendly" international match. The two explosions were initially thought to be fireworks, and the game continued without interruption. Several of the attacks occurred near the former officers of Charlie Hebdo, the satirical weekly news magazine that was attacked by Islamic gunmen in January and left 18 people dead.