Lawmaker’s brave public action

Regarding Reiji Yoshida’s Nov. 1 article, “Lawmaker under fire for letter to Emperor“: Upper House lawmaker Taro Yamamoto’s action in giving a letter about the health of Japanese children suffering the effects of radiation was a necessary act. It was also brave in a country where such an action is thought to be frowned upon.

Why would Japan want their emperor to be ignorant of what is happening ? Why would Japan put its children and population in danger by not telling the facts about leaking radiation and the cancers being born from this.

The whole world is in fear of the devastation being wrought by the radiation leaking from Fukushima. Radiation has reached Alaskan coasts and is spreading around the world in the air.

What is required is that Japan ask for help from the nuclear community. Japan has already wasted two years and seven months. Tokyo Electric Power Co. is not capable of dealing with this.

I was taught that one can always learn new things, that it is not a slight on anyone to ask for help. As children we are not worried about asking for help from our parents and the world needs Japan to ask for help now.

To avoid losing face, Japan may cause us all to lose the world. There is no second planet to escape to.

heather tamplin
norwich, great britain

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  • nelsonsurjon

    Nothing to add here. Thank you Yoshida San and heather.

  • Richard Wilcox

    Hats off to Yamamoto, one of the few politicians not part of the nuclear mafia who has the courage to speak the truth about the Fukushima catastrophe and its unending effects on the health of Japan (and the world). By the way, did people know that there are millions of tons of debris floating around the Pacific now, does the LDP have a plan to clean it up or in their unspeakable arrogance do they just think “shiyo ga nai” that’s not our problem anymore? Don’t answer that!