In Jun Hongo’s July 25 article “Leave Constitution alone,” anime master Hayao Miyazaki is right about one thing: There is no question that Japan committed atrocities during World War II.

If we learned anything in the 20th century, it is that participants in wars — from governments down to individual citizens and soldiers — will do savage things.

As far as I can tell, however, Japan has made more than adequate amends for its behavior. It has been a good neighbor in the region and remained true to the courageous decision to foreswear an aggressive military. This courage cannot be overstated.

With China and North Korea — two countries that have much to apologize for — on Japan’s doorstep, a lesser country might have reneged on the [no-war principle] of Article 9 of Japan’s Constitution. No country in the world can claim never to have acted unjustly. All should be judged on their current behavior.

peter parisi
columbus, georgia

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