Perception of a poisoned ocean

Regarding the May 22 Kyodo article “Researchers find high cesium in some Pacific plankton”: Even small amounts of radioactivity in plankton are a big problem because of bio-magnification, as it travels up the food chain as larger animals eat smaller animals.

And once radiation is inside an animal, no radiation level is considered safe. Any radiation inside a human is very dangerous, and humans get it inside them by eating contaminated animals and plants. The dumping of radiation into an ocean that the world uses to harvest fish is an unconscionable travesty that should be punished severely for the wide-ranging suffering and disease it will cause over many years.

Our family and friends no longer eat anything from Japan. We quit eating sardines from Canada because they were fished off the coast of Japan. The Japanese have poisoned the ocean, and it is only getting worse through their lack of control of Tokyo Electric Power Co. and their own government.

bob mound
santa inez, california

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  • kamakiri

    I wonder, were you as worried about the 1033 nuclear bomb tests that have been conducted since ’44 (officialy). Let alone the atomic plant leaks that we probably have never heard about. You see it is a terrible disaster with huge consequences but everything is about perspective. if it’s not nuclear than something else will contaminate our food. let’s not be naive about this.

    • Theres a ton of leaks in different US nuclear plants that dont make the news, were all contaminated as hell.

  • Lilly Munster

    The US bears much blame for the contamination in the Pacific. Fukushima brought that old problem back to light as officials & experts explained that only part of what is being found was from Daiichi. TEPCO also bears blame and people belong in jail. They chose (at the management level) to ignore safety and gamble. This resulted in even more contamination dumped into the Pacific. How about some effort to actually repair the damage? Pretty big task? Maybe we shouldn’t be dumping things into the sea then.. As far as nuclear contamination being OK because there is other garbage dumped into the sea, that is a false choice. How about none?