Embarrassing for the Japanese

Many of us who are of Japanese descent, but who are now citizens of foreign countries by birth or emigration, are totally in shock and disbelief over the continuous stream of distortions of history that emanate from Japanese politicians. For what the world community describes as rape, kidnapping, slavery and crimes against humanity, Japanese leaders use the phrase “voluntary support for their patriotic soldiers by comfort women.”

C’mon, give us a break. These leaders are a total embarrassment for anyone who has Japanese blood running in their veins. Are these men the best and brightest of Japan?

On behalf of the decent Japanese in this world who are afraid or are unable to speak out about these atrocities, please do the honorable thing and admit the charges, apologize and seek forgiveness. What’s so hard about saying, “I’m sorry and I hope that one day you can find it in you to forgive us for our transgressions”?

American Gen. Douglas MacArthur failed to go one step further: He should have forced Japanese leaders to admit to a full and detailed agenda of the war crimes committed.

If that had happened, Japan would not have had to rewrite and distort its history in textbooks, and then contend with the anger and outrage of the world’s communities.

h. hakoda

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