A thank you to Amy Chavez for her Dec. 1 column, “The best-ever tips on learning Japanese.” I am pleased that Chavez knows how to write the truth with heart. Her article is the stake in the heart of those that whine about Japanese being difficult to learn.

I am a dyslexic, 59-year-old guy learning Japanese. The only way to learn it is through hard work — more so for me. It’s about time someone stood up and told the truth about learning a foreign language; it’s countless hours of study over and over.

I like how Chavez cuts to the chase with her no-nonsense, don’t-blame-others attitude. For several months I have been doing exactly what Chavez wrote, and it works. Communication is a lifelong study; someday I will master it. Until then, people I talk with will keep scratching their heads.

denny pollard

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