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Giovanni Fazio’s Aug. 17 review of the film “The Avengers” gave me a headache. I was expecting a well-thought-out critique on the movie, but all I remember reading was “the best actors of my generation” are running around acting like children!

While Fazio is free to think what he will about the movie, I find his way of expressing his opinion quite insulting. Putting down the fans of a movie for being childish is a cheap shot, and I’m sure his plan to get as many clicks as possible by getting “fanboys” angry will succeed. Doesn’t he realize the state of the world lately?

There is never good news. Everywhere we look there is some sort of crisis going on. Does he really think people are in the mood to watch serious movies about serious topics at a time like this? No!

They want to forget their troubles and have a good time. I am one of them. Studios have realized this and that is why we are getting so many “preteen” movies floating around.

Sneering and looking down at fans of a movie that he doesn’t like is no way to garner a following.

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nicolas duran

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