• Wollstonecraft, New South Wales


Ramesh Thakur’s Aug. 15 article, “India and Pakistan: Come and dream with me,” is great. But I think one of the big problems (with Thakur’s economic dream for South Asia) is that Israel would like to use India to help it fight future wars against Muslims.

China and India are rising powers, while the global influence of the United States, which has been bled dry by the bankers and the military complex, obviously is in decline.

For its part, Israel is well aware that many “Christian” nations will not enter into a major war to protect or save it. That’s why I think Israel is desperate to make India an ally. Sadly some media are already churning out propaganda to encourage Indian nationals to see Israel in a positive light so that they will feel it is their responsibility to look after Israel.

I hope India becomes a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization along with Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran, because the SCO will help India work with its neighbors, which historically has been its biggest problem.

I hope India does not sign on as a U.S./NATO ally, because that will only lead to India being used.

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louise o’brien

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