• Maebashi, Gunma


Regarding the May 15 front-page article “Oi assembly says yes to restarting reactors” and the rush to restart these idled nuclear reactors: The Oi municipal assembly’s choice to preserve its local economy makes sense, especially in light of the lucrative measures of support promised by the central government and Kansai Electric Power Co. Any locality needs a sound economy simply to survive.

But the Oi assembly’s choice to anticipate “the central government’s steps to ensure the Oi reactors’ safety” puzzles me. I am wondering whose judgment the assembly members intend to trust? Will it be another thumbs-up indication from Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda? Or maybe a nod of reassurance from Kepco’s front office with its vested interests? Or maybe a confident smile from some street-corner fortuneteller who wisely relies on candles?

Since the 3/11 disaster in Tohoku, many of us feel that we have been deceived by the government, by its panels of specialists who somehow claim to be able to predict the occurrence of earthquakes, and by the elite decision makers of Tokyo Electric Power Co. and other Japanese power companies. Whose nod of reassurance will convince these elected representatives to tell their constituencies that they will be safe because Oi will be free from earthquakes and tidal waves, even those beyond anticipation?

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paul rector

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