• Kingman, Arizona


Regarding Jochen Legewie’s View from Europe column Jan. 9: “South Korea’s opening leaves wishy-washy Japan farther behind“: I have owned Japanese products in the past, when many of the companies went out of their way to cater to customer needs and to assure excellent quality.

I work now with companies to import Japanese products, but currency problems in the United States are hurting me. Recent experiences also indicate that some Japanese manufacturers have become very arrogant with the attitude of “customer be damned.” This attitude has especially become apparent with two companies with whom I have had personal dealings. I will never again purchase or recommend their products, as other companies cannot do enough for their customers.

The South Koreans, on the other hand, are very hungry and will do whatever it takes to make a sale and make the customer feel that he is king. In the past, their products were cheap stand-ins for quality merchandise from Asia. Today they are competing, as the Japanese did in the past, on quality and value. Japan did not keep its eyes focused on the customer.

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arnold j. harriett

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