• Takasaki, Gunma


Regarding the front-page April 20 Kyodo article “Powder to remove radiation developed“: This new powder, if it works as claimed, is a godsend. Ever since radioactive elements were found in Tokyo’s water supply, I have used activated charcoal in bath water and refrained from giving my baby daughter tap water to drink. Charcoal has absorptive properties that can somewhat remove iodine and cesium from water. Although far from a surefire prevention against contamination, at least it gives my family some peace of mind. The new powder seems perfect.

Sorry to be critical, but where was this powder a month ago? They can’t have just developed it since the disaster. It must have been under development long before March 11. If so, why didn’t Kanazawa University or Kumaken Kougyou Co. announce that the substance was available much sooner, even if it was still undergoing testing? Did neither entity realize the severity of the nuclear crisis? It is public knowledge that Tokyo Electric Power Co. has been looking for ways to purify contaminated water.

Perhaps that powder could have saved us the headache of Tepco’s dumping contaminated water into the ocean. Dumping sandbags of zeolite into the ocean nearly two weeks after the fact is irresponsibly late. We are supposed to be united in our efforts to gain control of this crisis – not independent and secretive. We rely on companies and other entities to help keep us safe. So, start behaving more responsibly. No more delays please.

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daniel potocki

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