Regarding the Dec. 7 article “Okada’s inconclusive visit irks Okinawans“: It is very clear that Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada and the new Democratic Party of Japan represent more of the same old baloney that Japan has had in power for years, just under a different name. As an American who feels strongly that Okinawa got the short end of the stick before and after World War II, I see that political cowards still hide behind their private agendas, on which Okinawa is not a priority.

Why doesn’t Okada propose moving the U.S. Marine Corp Air Station Futenma to the main island of Japan? The reason is that the government of Japan has no intention of making such a suggestion for this or any other base. Nago City Assemblyman Yoshitani Oshiro is correct, as is Ginowan Mayor Yoichi Iha. Okada is defensive about going to Okinawa because he doesn’t want to hear the truth; he just wants to spit out his baloney then get out of town.

The Federal Court Ruling of 2008 takes priority over the agreement of 2006. I only wish I had gotten to Okinawa to take part in the discussion. I would have asked Okada what the “real” intentions of the DPJ are. Why not tell the truth — that the DPJ has no intention of making a strong decision that will change life for Okinawans and still guarantee security in Asia?

The Japanese military ruled Okinawa with an iron fist and the Japanese government wants to keep milking Okinawa all it can for as long as it can. I wish Okinawans would stand up to the Japanese government; they won’t get their way unless they scream loud enough.

bob avery