the Oct. 8 article “U.S. man carrying loaded gun arrested at Narita airport“: This is really unfortunate for the American, whom I know personally. As to whether he “smuggled” the weapon, there is no due process in Japan as in the good old USA, where we believe in “innocence until one is proven guilty.” I believe this man inadvertently left the loaded gun in his carry-on bag, which I believe he also uses as his camera bag. What a costly mistake on his part. Still, he is a God-loving Christian who would not cause harm to anyone. He is a missionary who travels to other countries and does good deeds.

There is no question that the security system in the U.S. needs some work as a loaded gun totally escaped them not only in Dallas but also in San Antonio. Perhaps the carry-on checkers at both airports should be held accountable for this oversight.

cecilia bustos