Regarding Satsuo Matsumoto’s Aug. 20 letter, “Left keeps trying to disgrace Japan“: Let us assume that Matsumoto’s arguments are correct and that Japan bore no culpability for World War II. Why stop there? Why not also admit as fact that the Japanese people are actually descended from the sun goddess Amaterasu. But what struck me the most about Matsumoto’s letter was that its shrillness was totally lacking in the dignity and comportment that I have come to know and admire as being representative of the Japanese spirit.

Whatever Matsumoto’s political views may be, to refer to Japan Times readers as “mentally retarded aliens” is a touch extreme and not in keeping with the spirit that has made this country such a truly great nation.

Matsumoto need not worry about the left disgracing Japan, letters like his do a good job of that all by themselves. And if The Japan Times is a newspaper for intellectually challenged extraterrestrials, then why does he read it in the first place?

timothy khaki