• Mito, Ibaraki


Steve Hesse’s article “Ignorance of ‘sustainability’ is not an option“: Has Hesse ever lived in the countryside in Japan? I have for 10 years, and am sick of being isolated by high train prices, high highway tolls and sky-high gasoline prices — still about $4 per gallon. For example the price of a trip to Tokyo, a 50-minute drive, is about $130. Whereas in any other First World country it would be about $10. The train fare for the three of us is about $230 — prohibitively expensive. Having the price of highway tolls cut to $35 (still too expensive) was a godsend to me and my family. Did Hesse research any of this for his article? I finally have a tiny bit of the freedom that Hesse probably enjoys in his life. He shouldn’t do so much fingerpointing.

clay bussinger

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